What is your time worth?

When you drive the extra hour and a half (or more) to Milwaukee, in construction in the summer and snow in the winter, you are losing valuable time. The time spent in the car where you could be at your child’s soccer game. The time spent waiting in long security lines when you could be walking your dog. The time spent finding a parking spot and walking to the terminal when you could be prepping for your meeting.


Business travel impacts your life.

  • 62% of business travelers say traveling for business interferes with normal activities and their health routine
  • 38% of business travelers say they tend to miss family events due to traveling for business
  • 27% of business travelers say overall productivity at work takes a hit because of traveling

Source: Traveler Friction Study, January 2017


Appleton International Airport makes traveling for work easy.

  • Close-to-home location means you have more time to take care of yourself, your home and your family
  • Quick and easy access to gate and luggage, including speedy security and convenient parking
  • Genuine, friendly customer service, from checking-in to security, for a more enjoyable travel experience
Appleton International Airport saves employers money and makes traveling easier.
Surveys indicate business travelers would take at least two more trips per year if travel was easier
More time to focus on business and less time spent on travel logistics
Reduced total cost of travel
Less wear and tear on employees

Appleton International Airport has daily flights to hubs around the U.S. With one stop, business travelers can reach more than 200 destinations in the United States and more than 85 international destinations, making it easier to travel for work.

See how much time you save when you use Appleton International Airport.

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