Traveling with Children

Traveling with Children

Flying with children can be a stressful event, but it can also cause needless anxiety and worry. Appleton International Airport has provided some resources below to ensure that you have a successful flying experience.

Knowing what to expect and having the proper documents will help you to be prepared for your journey. Be sure to check with your airline for their policies on flying with children.

Tips for flying with children:

  1. Check It Out. Make separate lists of “must-have” items your baby needs each day (i.e., bottles, bibs, diapers, medicine, toys, etc) and follow it when packing your carry-on.
  2. Now Hear This. Read your tot’s favorite fairy tales into an MP3 player so your voice can soothe her/him over and over again. (Bring headphones and the book to quietly follow along.)
  3. Shocking Coverup. Staying at a hotel or with tot-free friends? Pack outlet covers and drawer locks to keep curious hands from harm.
  4. Go With The Flow. Parents may carry-on “reasonable amounts” of liquid for their children, so pack a few bottles or sippers for the flight. (Avoid delays – let security agents know about your thirst quenchers at the check point).
  5. Take It Easy. Avoid stress and sore muscles by using a lightweight stroller or front carrier for extra mobility.
  6. Make Friends. Hand out cookies, treats, and disposable earplugs to anyone located within a three seat radius. They appreciate the gesture (and the free snacks).
  7. Just Ask. Need a bottle warmed? Let flight attendants know about your needs ahead of time, so your little one doesn’t raise the roof mid flight.
  8. Spit Happens. . .and it usually lands on your clothes. Parents should pack an extra outfit for themselves and little ones too.
  9. Roam Around. Tiny travelers get restless, too. When allowed by the flight crew take your baby on a tour of the cabin (it’s good to stretch your legs, too).
  10. Get Creative. Look for new ways to keep baby engaged. Barf bags make great puppets on-the-fly.

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