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What will you do with an extra 3.5 hours?

Skip the crowds and hit the snooze button. Starting your next business trip
at Appleton airport can save you 3.5 hours vs. flying out of Milwaukee.

Flying out of ATW is fast, easy, and more convenient. And with ATW Express Curb to Gate, we promise that you’ll go from the curb to your gate in 15 minutes or less if you:

  1. Have TSA Pre-Check
  2. Don’t check any bags

ATW Express Park gets you in and out of the airport fast. Here’s how:

ATW Express Park gets you in and out of the airport fast. Here’s how:

  1. Follow the signs to ATW Express Park (in front of the terminal).
  2. Bring your keys to the ATW Express Park (next to the TSA checkpoint).
  3. Get a text message to confirm your pickup day/time.
  4. When you return home, receive a text saying your car is ready.
  5. Pay in person or on your phone.
  6. Pick up your keys at the ATW Express Park desk.
  7. Drive right out as your car will be waiting for you.

It’s fast and easy, and it costs just $8 per day.

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With fewer crowds and shorter lines, ATW is a safe and smart choice. We’ve taken steps to connect you to what matters most safely, from touchless check-ins to extensive cleaning. Our mission is to keep you, your family and your colleagues safe.

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Flying from Appleton gives you more time for what really matters.