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Know the facts about REAL ID. Starting in January 2018, the REAL ID Act will go into effect and could affect your travel if you aren’t prepared. Those who live in states that aren’t compliant with the act, including Minnesota, may not be able to use their state-issued ID when traveling. Learn more:


Good news for Phoenix travelers! Now through April 29, the Allegiant flight to Phoenix/Mesa will have flights three times a week – Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Book your flight to escape to sunshine:


You’re only a few clicks away from family fun! Take a trip to Orlando with the family this spring break:


Up close and personal with the winglet on this Bombardier Challenger 300 corporate jet! Winglets help aircraft fly farther, faster and more efficiently by reducing drag as the wing passes through the air. While they generally point up, winglets are included in the the wingspan of an aircraft. The winglets on this jet are a little over three feet each and help give the Challenger a range of over 3,500 miles, or about the distance from Appleton to Dublin, Ireland!


What secrets will you keep about your Vegas escape? Enter to win a trip for two on Allegiant to flashy Las Vegas! We’ll pick the winner Feb. 27. http://A.Pgtb.Me/GvvhhX


Congratulations to our second Spring Break Escape winner, Kevin Jorgensen! He won $1,500 in airfare on United. We’ll be contacting the winner via email. You could be our next Spring Break Escape winner! Enter now through Feb. 26 for a chance to win two tickets to Las Vegas on Allegiant. http://A.Pgtb.Me/GvvhhX


Sunshine is waiting for you in Arizona. Escape the crazy Wisconsin weather this spring break with a trip to Phoenix/Mesa!


Did you know Appleton International Airport generated $21.2 million in visitor spending in 2015? Check out our interactive economic impact report to learn more:


There’s still time to enter to win our next Spring Break Escape prize! Enter now through Feb. 19 to win $1,500 in airfare on United. http://A.Pgtb.Me/GvvhhX


Happy Valentine’s Day! Today we’re celebrating all who have a love of aviation.


Congratulations to our first Spring Break Escape winner, Kaylie Trombly! She won two tickets to Orlando/Sanford on Allegiant. We’ll be contacting the winner via email. You could be our next Spring Break Escape winner! Enter now through Feb. 19 to win $1,500 in airfare on United. http://A.Pgtb.Me/GvvhhX


Get your family out of the cold! Book your family trip to Orlando this spring break:


Are you ready for family fun? There’s still time to enter to win two tickets on Allegiant to magical Orlando/Sanford! Enter now: http://A.Pgtb.Me/GvvhhX


ATW insider travel tip! We now have a parking pay station inside the terminal near the baggage claim exit door. Just remember to keep your parking stub with you so when you return from your trip you can quickly pay inside instead of fumbling with cash and credit cards outside in the parking exit lanes.


We’re loving the profile of the new Gulfstream G500! Like every new Gulfstream, this jet is state of the art in every way possible and will be able to fly as fast as Mach .90 (that’s 90% the speed of sound!) Can’t wait to see these coming to ATW.


Can you name the states where these airports are? We hope you get the second one correct! ;)


Are you ready for a spring break escape? Don’t forget to enter for a chance to win a trip for two to Orlando/Sanford on Allegiant! We’ll announce the winner Feb. 13. Http://A.Pgtb.Me/GvvhhX


Take a walk on the sunny side with a spring break vacation to Tampa/St. Pete! We have direct flights to this sunny destination:


The Dakota Kid is one of many warbirds that were in town for AirVenture last year. This P-51 Mustang has a particularly interesting story. It was actually rebuilt from the parts of other P-51’s. It takes an immense amount of work to find, restore and often create parts for these old birds. The P-51 was a premier fighter and bomber escort aircraft used during WWII, and most would still consider it one of the greatest fighters ever built. Many have said that the P-51’s revolutionary capabilities changed the war. For perspective, the P-51, powered by a piston engine, could fly at 41,000 feet at speeds up to 440 miles per hour. There are some modern jet aircraft that aren’t capable of either of these benchmarks! #TBT


Check out our Spring Break Escape giveaway! We’re giving away dozens of tickets now through March. Enter each week for your chance to win a spring break vacation! Enter now through Feb. 12 for a chance to win a trip for two to Orlando/Sanford on Allegiant. We’ll announce the first winner Feb. 13. Http://A.Pgtb.Me/GvvhhX


Join us at Old Glory Honor Flight’s An Evening To Remember Feb. 10 at the Lambeau Field Atrium in Green Bay. There will be live music, raffles and an auction. Proceeds from the event will help keep Northeast Wisconsin veterans flying. Learn more and get tickets:


Using a combination of a few suggestions, we decided to go with Camp Flying Fox as our new EAA Campground name! Thank you for all of the great suggestions. Stay tuned for more details on Camp Flying Fox!


Appleton International Airport provides more than $676 million in economic output to the state and regional economies. Learn more about our economic impact:


Meet Betty’s Dream, shown here on the ramp at ATW in July 2016! This B-25 Mitchell was built for the Air Force in 1945, but as far as we know, never flew for the USAF or saw combat action. These aircraft were largely used for low-level bombing runs during World War II, and are famously known for being the aircraft used in the Doolittle Raid. While a bomber at heart, these aircraft could be fitted with as many as 18 machine guns and a 75mm cannon for strafing attacks and their own self-defense. #TBT


Today we’re at the Oshkosh Business Expo! Come visit our booth for fun travel trivia and prizes. We hope to see you here!

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