TSA Security Checkpoint

What to Expect

  • Passengers should proceed through the security checkpoint at least 45 minutes before flight departure time to ensure that you are at your gate area in time to board the aircraft.
  • Only ticketed passengers are allowed beyond the security checkpoint. Arriving passengers can be met in the baggage claim area.
  • We recommend arriving 90 minutes before flight departure for check-in. Peak times may take longer – these are generally early morning departures. The TSA security checkpoint opens at 4 a.m. each morning.
  • Each traveler is allowed a maximum of one carry on bag, plus a personal item such as briefcase or purse.
  • A current government issued photo identification is required for each passenger upon check-in and prior to entering the security checkpoint.
For further information from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
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Prohibited Items

For additional information on security requirements and a list of permitted / prohibited items click here.

Many household items are considered Hazardous Materials, click here for items commonly found during security screening.


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