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Valet Parking


If your car is currently parked in valet, we’ll be here to take care of you—no worries!

Valet parking service will re-open when normal travel resumes.


Hours: 4:00am to last arriving flight

Our newest parking option. Park only 20 steps from our front door! Valet is the most convenient parking option, plus it costs less than the short-term lot when you park for more than one day. Your parking receipt shows: “Parking.”


STEP 1: Follow the signs to park in the second driveway in front of the terminal. Do not enter the parking lot.

STEP 2: Bring your keys to the ATW Welcome Desk located next to the TSA checkpoint. Leave your keys in the envelope with the attendant or in the dropbox.

STEP 3: When you return, we’ll have your car waiting in the valet lane in front of the terminal. Pick up your keys at the ATW Welcome Desk on your way out and pay the attendant.

Valet parking is a $10 drop-off charge plus $8 daily. For example, two full days would cost $26.

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HOW TO: ATW Valet Parking

Ready to try ATW Valet Parking but unsure exactly how it works? We're here to walk you through the steps and show you just how easy it is. Still have questions after watching? Drop them below!

Posted by Appleton International Airport on Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Parking Rates:

Valet Parking Curbside, $10 drop off charge + $8 daily
(i.e. $18 on Day 1, $8 each additional day)
Short-Term Lot Close to the terminal, $15 daily
Long-Term Lot Farther from the terminal, $8 daily
Cell phone waiting lot Use when picking up passengers

The airport offers 24-hour parking, so you can enter and exit at any time. For payment we accept: cash, credit card and Parkmobile phone app.


Short-Term Parking

The short-term lot is closest to the airport terminal with a maximum daily rate of $15.

TIP: Valet costs less than Short Term for trips of 2+days; 2 days in Short Term = $30; 2 days in Valet = $26.

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Long-Term Parking

The long-term lot is a short walk to the airport terminal with a maximum daily rate of $8. Long-term parking also offers a weekly rate of $40.

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Parking lot is open, please take a ticket an entry plaza.
Our parking app allows you to pay for parking from your phone, so you can exit faster.

Parkmobile’s benefits include:

  • Faster exit, just scan your phone!
  • Never lose your parking ticket again—it’s on your phone
  • No fumbling with credit card or cash during inclement weather
  • Parking receipt delivered to your phone to make expense reports easier


Parkmobile Quick Guide
Print the Quick Guide for a smooth first experience!

Park Mobile Training Manual
Detailed ‘how-to guide’ for the phone app novice.


Get the App Now!

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Want to learn more about Parkmobile and where you can use it around the country?


Payment Options

Appleton International Airport is self-service for parking when entering and exiting the parking area. If you are NOT using Parkmobile, here’s how to pay with cash or credit/debit cards:

  • Pull a ticket when entering the parking area
  • To pay inside, keep your ticket with you. Our inside pay station is located next to baggage claim. It accepts cash or credit/debit cards.
  • You can also pay when exiting the parking lot at the exit plaza. Three lanes accept credit/debit cards. One lane accepts cash. See overhead signs when leaving.

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Calculate Your Parking Cost

Please enter the date and time of your departure from and arrival to ATW as listed on your plane ticket. Parking costs for valet, short-term and long-term are estimates only. Actual costs may vary.


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