Parking Options & Rates

Parking is now CASHLESS at ATW! We will no longer accept cash when parking, making it faster and easier to park at Appleton Airport. See below for steps and more information.

We will accept all major credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.

  1. Get Ticket (digital or physical)
    • Digital Ticket – Use touch screen and follow prompts for ticket by entering a phone number, insert or tapping credit card, or by using a participating app.
    • Physical Ticket – Press “Get Ticket” on touch screen.
  2. Park – Choose a parking lot that best fits your needs!
  3. Pay – Using the method upon entry – insert, enter or scan digital ticket to pay

What are some participating parking apps I can use?

Parking Rates

ATW Express Park $8 daily, Curbside
Short-Term Lot $15 daily, Short Walk
Long-Term Lot $8 daily – $40 Weekly Rate, Longer Walk
Cell Phone Waiting Area Free – Use when picking up passengers


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Your car is ready and waiting when you get back.

ATW Express Park is a faster, easier, more convenient way to park. For only $8 daily,
here’s what to do when you arrive at ATW:

  • Park car steps from the door
  • Drop keys at Express Park desk
  • When you return, mobile pay via the
    text you’ll receive and head to your car

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