Master Plan

What is a Master Plan?

The Master Plan is a comprehensive study of an airport that describes the short-, medium-, and long-term development plans in order to meet future aviation demand.

Steps of a Master Plan

  • Organization and Pre-planning
  • Inventory of Existing Conditions
  • Aviation Demand Forecasts
  • Facility Requirements
  • Develop Alternatives
  • Airport Layout Plan
  • Facilities Implementation Plan
  • Financial Feasibility Plan

Why Prepare a Master Plan Update for ATW?

  • Required in order to be eligible for federal funding.
  • Approximately 85% of the 2012 Sustainable Master Plan initiatives have been completed.
  • Gather input from local stakeholders and the community.
  • Provide a framework to meet future growth.

What is the Tentative Schedule to Execute the Master Plan?

ATW had a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) Kickoff Meeting on Tuesday, July 21, 2020, to begin discussions with community stakeholder groups, review the Master Plan process and discuss the schedule of execution.

Status of the Master Plan

Aviation demand forecasts have been submitted to the Fedral Aviation Administration (FAA) for review. Project work has continued, including documenting existing conditions and developing alternatives to address future traffic, airline, and parking needs. After the forecasts are agreed upon and additional input is received from the Technical Advisory Group, the master plan will be submitted to the FAA for review and approval.

Questions or Comments?

Appleton International Airport (ATW) appreciates your input. Please choose the survey that is most applicable to your situation. For the purpose of this survey, stakeholders are defined as tenants and employees of the airport, plus the local business community. Feel free to participate in multiple surveys based on your experience.

Surveys will be open until September 1st.

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For any questions or comments please fill out the form below or email Typically we respond within 12 hours.


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