Universal Airport Experience

Quiet Room

ATW, working together with ThedaCare and the Autism Society of Greater Wisconsin, provides two Quiet Rooms aimed at offering a tranquil and managed space for those who may feel overstimulated, overwhelmed, or in need of a quiet moment. These rooms are available for use both before and after passing through security checks.

Hidden Disabilities

ATW is proud to be part of the The Hidden Disabilities program, working towards making air travel more accessible and welcoming for individuals with invisible disabilities. By participating in this program, we aim to enhance accessibility, elevate staff awareness of hidden disabilities, alleviate stress and anxiety for travelers, and bolster the confidence of individuals with invisible disabilities to navigate air travel on their own.

TSA Cares Passeger Support

You may request the services of a TSA Passenger Support Specialist (PSS), who can provide assistance through security screening. An officer who has received specialized training, including how to effectively assist and communicate with individuals with disabilities or medical conditions; and passengers who need additional screening assistance.

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Airport Social Narrative

Understanding the airport process in advance can alleviate stress and anxiety for individuals with autism or other disabilities. This video guides you through each stage of your airport visit, from airline check-in to baggage claim.

“We have twins on the spectrum and both completely opposite. Our daughter can’t handle too much sensory input whereas our son needs a lot of sensory input. This event really gave us an idea on how both children would respond to the process of air travel. It also gave our kids a mental picture of what to expect with air travel…” – Jacqueline Braemer

Wings for Autism

ATW collaborates with Wings for Autism program to give families and aviation professionals the confidence to take to the skies with ease by providing an airport “rehearsal,” as well as a presentation on the aircraft features and in-flight safety protocols. Follow us on social for upcoming events.



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