Valet Parking

Valet Parking

Our newest parking option. Park only 20 steps from our front door! Valet is the most convenient parking option, plus it costs less than the short-term lot when you park for more than one day. Your parking receipt shows: “Parking.”


  • Follow the signs to park in the second driveway in front of the terminal. Do not enter the parking lot.
  • Bring your keys to the ATW Welcome Desk located next to the TSA checkpoint. Leave your keys in the envelope with the attendant or in the drop box.
  • When you return, we’ll have your car waiting in the valet lane in front of the terminal. Pick up your keys at the ATW Welcome Desk on your way out and pay the attendant.

Valet parking is a $10 drop-off charge plus $8 daily. For example, two full days would cost $26.

Contact ATW Valet directly: 920-358-4708