Allegiant Destinations

Allegiant Destinations

Allegiant aircraft and crew base will be coming to the Appleton Airport in spring 2022. A base will provide travelers with more convenient flight schedules, new destinations, and more flights out of Appleton.

From America’s favorite small cities to world-class destinations, Allegiant makes leisure travel affordable and reliable. With all nonstop flights and industry-low average fares, Allegiant provides a complete travel experience with great value and without all the hassle. Because of Allegiant, flying out of Appleton is faster, easier, and more convenient, allowing travelers to get more time for what matters most.

Nashville (BNA)

Enjoy infamous attractions, extraordinary events, and the best live music around every corner! Visit Nashville and escape from the everyday.

Phoenix/Mesa (IWA)

Spend time exploring the outdoors, relaxing at a high-end spa resort, or playing a few rounds of golf at a premium course. Visit Phoenix and embrace its warm inviting atmosphere.

Las Vegas (LAS)

From hitting the slots and playing card games to watching live, sold-out shows and concerts, experience Las Vegas like no other place in the world.


With memorable attractions and gorgeous beaches, Orlando is a beloved place to go for family vacations and a friendly atmosphere.

Fort Myers/Punta
Gorda (PGD)

Located on Florida’s southwest coast, Punta Gorda’s gorgeous scenery and local atmosphere make it a cherished city to visit for any occasion.

Tampa/St. Pete (PIE)

Known as the “Sunshine City”, St. Pete is a beloved spot in the Tampa Bay area with white-sand beaches, year-round festivals, and other outdoor activities.


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