The Airport you love, Elevated

Elevating the airport experience you love! Appleton Airport has been your go-to for faster, easier, and more convenient travel, linking our region to the world. Our expansion project is set to take us to new heights – more gates, more amenities, and more of what you love about Appleton Airport.

By the Numbers

New terminal, bringing you more of what you love about ATW with everyone in mind!
Gates total, with four new gates potentially doubling commercial airline capacity
ATW has seen its passenger numbers nearly double over the past decade, and will continue to take-off to new heights.
The airport’s economic impact on the local economy as a whole.

Terminal Expansion Details

Thanks to new gate areas, we’re adding more space to make your pre-flight time extra comfy. And guess what? We’re throwing in some fun seating options to spice up your travel experience!

We’re bringing in a fresh restaurant and a lively beer garden, giving travelers even more options to indulge and enjoy!

We’re turning the airport into a nature wonderland with a fresh water feature and living trees throughout, mirroring the beauty of the Fox River and its lock system.

We’re adding extra toilet facilities, including gendered and multiuser restrooms. That’s right—adult changing, ADA, and family restrooms are all part of the plan for a more universal and convenient bathroom experience!

New getaway zones! We’re thrilled to introduce a serene sensory and quiet room for passengers, providing a haven to unwind and recharge.

We’ve got a treat for our furry friends! A new dedicated Service Animal Relief Area right in the heart of the airport terminal. Because comfort for our four-legged travelers matters too!

Our building doesn’t just stand; it performs! With roof, walls, and glazing that outshine the standard Code, we’ve wrapped our space in an energy-efficient embrace, setting the stage for a sustainable spectacle.

We’ve turned down the watts but turned up the wow! By slashing our lighting power by over 20%, we’re not just illuminating spaces; we’re shining a light on energy efficiency.

Breathing just got a lot fresher! Our ventilation and filtration are like a breath of fresh air, supported by real-time air quality monitoring. Because when it comes to indoor air quality, we’re the conductors of clean.

Lighting up the travel experience! Harnessing daylight and interior lighting to elevate the passenger experience and encourage dynamic movement throughout the airport.

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More of what you already love

Appleton Airport is committed to providing more of what you love, and our expansion project is a testament to that commitment. We’re not just an airport; we’re your gateway to an exceptional travel experience.

Expanded Gates






A design for

We’re committed to expanding our facilities not only to serve our travelers but to ensure that every member of our community can access and enjoy our airport. Our vision is clear: to create an airport that’s not just convenient and efficient but also inclusive and welcoming. We’re building a brighter future for our region, and we’re doing it together. As our airport grows, our community flourishes

You Spoke, We Listened

Before we picked up a pencil, we solicited input form a variety of community partners. A series of listening sessions yielded a great summary for where our community felt the airport could improve. Much of what we heard has directly influenced the design and amenities of the airport expansion. Thank you to our community collaborators.


> When will construction begin and end?

The first phase of the project is set to start at the end of 2023 and is slated for completion in 2025.

ATW has seen tremendous community support for our airport and our partner airlines. Because of that, our passenger counts have nearly doubled since 2013. The expansion project is taking place to accommodate that growth as well as plan for future growth.

The inspiration for the new terminal design draws from the distinctive features of the Lower Fox River Lock system in the Fox Valley.

Funding for the project came from multiple sources. These include federal, state and local grants, an Outagamie County loan and airport cash reserves.

You can rest assured that there is no need to arrive earlier for your flight, as the construction will have no direct impact on travelers.

You can travel with confidence, as the construction is carefully planned to ensure a seamless and unaffected experience for all passengers.

Mead & Hunt is the designer and Miron Construction is the general contractor.

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