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Did you know you can save $15 when you come to the airport to purchase your Allegiant tickets? Check out our December ticketing hours:


We’re starting our holiday celebration today by giving out 12 $100 gift certificates to The Outlet Shoppes at Oshkosh throughout the month. Answer the question below to be entered to win a gift certificate. We’ll pick the winner tomorrow. Good luck! What is your favorite holiday tradition?


A Goodyear Blimp paid a visit to ATW over the summer! Goodyear has been operating airships since 1925 and currently operates three; based in California, Florida and Ohio. This particular airship, Wingfoot Two, is actually a brand new zeppelin and has only been in service since April 2016! Every airship has it’s own traveling ground crew, fully equipped with a 64,000 pound mast truck. When the airship arrives at an airport, the ground crew attaches a cable to the nose of the airship and to the mast. A truck then reels-in the aircraft via remote control. This monster truck can safely dock the airship in winds up to 90 miles per hour. Since the airships have a maximum airspeed of around 70 miles per hour, they often have to make multiple stops when traveling between cities. If there’s a headwind, it’s not uncommon for the ground crew to beat them to their destination!


Take a Delta flight from Appleton and go anywhere in the world with just one quick connection in Minneapolis, Detroit or Atlanta!


Flying you Thanksgiving wishes wherever you are! We are thankful for our travelers, community and employees. Enjoy your day!


ATW Game Day is a hit! Everyone is having a great time playing air hockey, basketball and ping pong while they wait for their flights.


It’s the busiest travel day of the year! We’re expecting the most amount of travelers at ATW since 2006. If you’re traveling today, don’t forget to check out our ATW Game Day for games while you wait for your flight!


What’s a better way to celebrate Mickey Mouse Day than to plan a trip to Walt Disney World? We have direct flights to Orlando on Allegiant! Book your vacation now:


One week until the busiest travel day of the year! Did you know you can travel with gifts, pies, turkeys and more? Watch this video to learn how to prepare for holiday travel:


Soon Jake Cook will be seeing this view because he is our CAVU Discovery Flight winner! He gets 20 minutes of pre-flight ground instruction and 30 minutes flying a Cessna 172 with Alex, our instructor. Thank you to everyone who entered. :)


Get ready for game day in our gift shop! We have Green Bay Packers gear to cheer about. We're hoping for a win this Sunday!


Steve March-Tormé of 91.1 FM flies all over the country performing. He chooses to fly out of ATW because it’s quick, close and convenient!


We loved welcoming this dog to Wisconsin yesterday! Check out the heartwarming story of a Neenah man who was reunited with the dog he saved from drowning.


This is a K-C Aviation Hawker Siddeley HS.125 sitting in front of the KC Aviation hangar at ATW in the early 80’s. Did you know Midwest Airlines was born from KC-Aviation? Kimberly-Clark formed K-C Aviation in 1969 to fly employees between their headquarters in Neenah and other cities, and to perform maintenance on corporate aircraft. (Kimberly-Clark had actually been operating their own corporate shuttles since 1949.) In 1978, Kimberly-Clark formed Midwest Express as a scheduled passenger airline. The airline would spend three decades growing throughout the Midwest with hubs in Milwaukee, Kansas City and Omaha while also serving major business and vacation destinations around the country. Midwest was ultimately merged into Frontier Airlines in 2010, with much of their route network cut. They’ll always be remembered for their spacious seating, great service, and fresh-baked cookies on board! #TBT


The more prepared you are, the smoother your holiday trip will be! Follow these travel tips to fly through the airport this holiday season:


The 115th Fighter Wing of the Wisconsin Air National Guard may conduct routine training flights tonight in Northeast Wisconsin. You may see or hear F16 training jets until 10 p.m.


Have you ever wanted to learn how to fly a plane? Jumpstart your dreams with a Discovery Flight from CAVU Flight Academy (! Leave a comment on this post to enter to WIN 20 minutes of pre-flight ground instruction and 30 minutes flying a Cessna 172 with Alex, our instructor. We’ll pick a winner Nov. 15. Good luck!


We’re a proud sponsor of the Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce’s The EVENT 2016: Celebrating Business Excellence Nov. 10! This year’s theme is The Great Gatsby. When you buy your ticket, you’re entered to win a trip for two to Tampa/St. Pete on Allegiant. Get your tickets:


The holidays are right around the corner! Holiday travel can be stressful, but if you follow these tips from the Travel Channel, your trip won’t be turbulent:


How’s this for a view? This is the cockpit of “FIFI,” a 1944 built B-29 Superfortress bomber. FIFI is one of only two B-29’s still flying, out of nearly 4,000 built, and we had the pleasure of hosting her during EAA AirVenture this year! Built during WWII, the B-29 was the most state of the art aircraft of its time. These bombers could carry 20,000 pounds of bombs for more than 3,000 miles. It took an 11-person crew to operate this bird! Fun fact: Many say the B-29 cockpit windows inspired the Millennium Falcon’s cockpit windows in the Star Wars movies!


Join Abe and Pat from ATW at the Heart of the Valley Chamber of Commerce’s Nov. 3 event, Taste from the Heart! Your event ticket also enters you in to win roundtrip airfare for two on Delta. Learn more:


Happy Halloween! What are you doing today to celebrate?


Halloween is tomorrow! Do you dare to take a trip to one of these haunted cities?


Jay Stephany, Goodwill Industries’ seeker of talent, uses Appleton International Airport because it makes travel easy!


Check out this United Airlines 757-300 at ATW! Large airlines usually have multiple variants of the same model of airplane, so they paint the variant under the nose to help ground crews easily know which plane is pulling into the gate. This shot also has a great view of the nose gear assembly. The small pair of lights on top are the taxi lights for moving around airports. The angled lights behind them are runway turnoff lights, which illuminate areas to the front and side so pilots can see where they’re steering the jet. The larger lights below are the landing lights, which help illuminate the runway for pilots. There are also landing lights at the root of each wing. This 757-300 brought the Detroit Lions to town to take on the Green Bay Packers a few weeks ago!

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